Empower Your Watering System With
Smart ControAnd Monitoring Device

RemoteWell is not just another IoT device; it’s a complete ecosystem designed to elevate your watering system to unprecedented levels of intelligence and control.In an era where efficiency, conservation, and convenience are paramount, RemoteWell stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how we care for our gardens and landscapes.

scheduling dashboard in RemoteWell

User Authentication

Enables users to securely log in and manage their accounts using usernames and passwords. Additionally, the ‘Remember Me’ feature allows the system to save the username and password for convenience. If the user opts not to use the ‘Remember Me’ option, the session will automatically expire after one hour.”

schedule list of RemoteWell

Consumption History

This feature enables users to view the past week’s statistics of the device. It displays information such as total energy consumption, runtime, last maintenance date, average runtime, last Phase error, and last trip error in a convenient sidebar format. Users also have the option to download historical data graphs in PDF, SVG, and CSV formats directly from the dashboard

Device Errors

This functionality indicates the presence of errors or specific error conditions on the device. When the device is in a green state, it signifies that there are no errors. However, if the current status is indicated by red blinking, it indicates that the device is in an error state.

all devices on dashboard
customer support dashboard


Display about the information of user profile. User can easily change the information and password except username because once the username was given, the username was not changed in later

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