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RemoteWell is a device which can be attached to 3 phase tube well motor (any 3 phase motor, in general) and control it remotely via RemoteWell mobile app. RemoteWell needs internet access (over Wi-Fi) to communicate with RemoteWell mobile app. It provides phase failure protection, and maintenance mode protection to protect you expensive machine. RemoteWell provides user with tremendous control over its machine like turning tube well on/off, setting schedule for tube well on/off, access to history of events, failure protections etc.

RemoteWell can be utilized to control and monitor real time status of 3 phase tube well motor. RemoteWell mobile app can be used to turn on/off tube well 3 phase motor, set the schedule, and shut down the power upon failure detection.

The latest released version of RemoteWell is v1.1 Rev 6

  • Turning ON/OFF control over mobile app
  • Setting schedule to turn ON/OFF tube well automatically on time
  • History logging of the events i.e., [ON App], [ON Schedule], [OFF Manual], [OFF, Phase Error], [NULL, Phase OK] etc.
  • Protection against phase failure
  • Maintenance mode activation to disable app control
  • Signal latency can is less than 1 second but can vary over your network speed.
  • RemoteWell device needs internet connection to connect to mobile App

RemoteWell can be used to control any 3 phase motor no matter whether it is used in lifts, cranes, crushers, large capacity exhaust fans, oil extracting mills, textiles etc., if given control signal latency (less than 1 second, but can vary on your internet speed) is acceptable for your application.

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